Posted 28 Dec 2015

Nabati Việt Nam

Anywhere (Sales, CS & Business Devpt)

  1. Job requirements: 3.1. Competencies:  Healthy enough to work in outside working environment.  Honesty - ability to maintain commitment to honesty spirit and social behaviours related to ethics and company values.  Integrity - following the rules and compliance in business ethics and basic moral principles. 3.2. Skills:  Good communication and interpersonal skill to communicate effectively  Reading, &writing sales reports and basic calculations. 3.3. Education / Knowledge / Experience:  Graduate from high school and above  At least 06 months of experience working preferred FMCG industry.  Maintain professional behavior and create a positive image of the company to the public.  Have own motorbike and valid driving license.  Willing work long time and flexible scheduled if required. 3.4. Age / Gender / Personality:  Male or Female aged 18 and above.  Requires integrity and honesty, highly self-confidence  Positive thinking.  Work independently and effectively toward. Number of vacancies: no litmit


Recruit whole year

How to Apply

call directly to: +856 2055586799

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